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Some characters in Mordavia choose to follow the path of the Solominari and gain power by learning to wield unbelievable and impressive magics. These magics provide characters access to extraordinary abilities which can be performed with a touch or the throwing of a spell crystal and uttering a few magical words. Characters who wield magic in Mordavia are common, with some spells being the foundation of civilization with the ability to conjure permanent magical lights or alleviate a character from hunger and fatigue.

Purchasing Magic Advantages

  • Characters must purchase the Grey Magic Advantage to have access to any other Magic Advantages.
  • After Purchasing Grey Magic, characters must make a permanent decision to pick one Primary school of magic.
  • Some races have a starting advantage called “Magic Affinity”. Each affinity is to a specific school of magic. Characters gain a free Spell Advantage each time they gain access to a new tier of magic in which they share an Affinity. This advantage does not add to the Character's Level and does not have to be the characters Primary School. E.g An Elf Purchases “Grey Magic” which give the character access to Novice White Magic. Because the Elf has White Magic Affinity it gains a free Tier 1 White Spell.

Magic Advantage Progression

  • Characters must meet the Tier Requirement for each new Tier of Magic and have purchased all spell advantages in the current school's previous Tier.(e.g. To Purchase Tier 2 White Spells the Character must be Level 5 and have all Tier 1 White Spells)
  • Higher Tiers of Grey Magic may only be purchased if a character has access to another school of magic of the same tier.
  • Characters must purchase all Tier 1 advantages of a magic school to purchase into a new, adjacent magic school list.

Spell Points

  • Grey Magic grants +4 Spell Points; all other Magic Advantages provide a base of +2 Spell Points per Advantage
  • Spell points are special tags given to characters who purchase Spell Advantages and represent the character's magical limits.
  • Spells may be cast at a cost of 1 spell point per tier of the spell being cast

Spell Scrolls

  • Grey magic is the most basic magic. Grey Spells do not require Spell Scrolls, but Spell Advantages of other types do.
  • A character must have the Spell Advantage inscribed in a Scroll or Spell Book (in-play items) to use a Spell in play. (E.g. “The Spell Name – School of Magic – Spell Verbal – The Rulebook's Spell Description”). Characters must use the “Scribe Scroll” grey spell per tier of the scroll being scribed to create this scroll. This scroll must be carried at all times to use the spell.
  • Spells gained with Magic Affinity do not require a spell scroll in order to cast but follow all other normal rules of spells.

Using Magic In-Play

  • Spell Combat is engaged in by the speaking of 'spell verbals' and then throwing 'spell packets' by using 'Spell Points'.
  • A character must complete the Spell Verbal before throwing the spell packet, and the spell packet must be thrown no longer than three seconds after completion the verbal. Spell Packet phys-repsare squares of cloth filled with a few spoons of birdseed.
  • Casters may move while casting the spell unless otherwise noted and cast spells as long as they are conscious, even while taking damage. Any part of a character's body or costume may be hit with a spell to take effect. (See The Rules of Play)
  • Touch Casting: Touching a character while saying the complete spell verbal. Combat breaks the spell or breaking the contact during the spell verbal.
  • Claw Casting

The Magic Wheel

The Magic wheel is the basis of understanding and training through which all casters in Mordavia learn magic. The wheel is broken up into 7 sections called “Schools”. The study of these schools is intense and simply studying magic increases a character's magical power. The center of themagic wheel is “Grey Magic” and is the first school of magic described in this Chapter. The other schools of magic are listed in alphabetical order.

Magic Schools across from one another on the wheel are considered opposites, and often contain opposing spells and effects. Schools adjacent to one another are somewhat similar to each other. Occasionally, schools will share the same spells with one another. When a character knows a spell shared between schools of magic, they may use the verbal for either.

Necromancy is both illegal and more difficult to study. The Necromancy school contains five spells per tier, instead of the normal four. Grey magic advantages only have two per tier.

Grey Magic

Grey Magic is the purest and most basic form of magic known to mortals. Each person must first learn novice level Grey Magic before choosing a school of magic to which they can proceed. This is why it is at the center of the Magic Wheel. Higher levels of Grey Magic are rumored to exist. Some scholars even believe that greater Grey Magic is the power wielded by many of the magical spirits that wander A’tul. Others even believe that the creator spirit Gebelizes is a being of grey magic, but the Order of the Right Hand considers this a heresy. This is because they believe that Gebelizes is a being of white magic.

Novice Tier
Grey Magic Learn all 4 Grey spells listed below, they do not require scrolls to cast; gain 4 Spell Points
Magic Boon 1 +3 spell points to your spell pool
Adept Tier
Magic Boon 2 Additional +3 spell points to your spell pool
School Diversity Choose One: When purchased, chose one of the Schools of Magic; Spell Advantages may be purchased from that Spell School (Bypassing wheel restrictions)
Journeyman Tier
Magic Boon 3 Additional +3 spell points to your spell pool
Spell Knowledge (May be purchased multiple times) Choose a spell already known. That spell no longer requires a spell scroll.

Novice Grey Spells

“I conjure a magical light./I conjure a magical darkness.”
Allows this character to use a flashlight, or turn on a light switch indoors. If darkness is used, it extinguishes one target light source. (SAFETY NOTE: Do not use LED lights unless they have a filter. We encourage colored filters.)
Scribe Novice Scroll (Instant)
“I bind this scroll with (spell name).”
Using magical energy the character scribes a scroll on sheet of paper with a spell they know. This character may only use this spell to create Novice spell scrolls. Characters must also purchase the spell they wish to scribe as an advantage.
Sigil (Greater Persistent Enchantment, 5 Minute casting time)
“I conjure a magical sigil on this (item).”
The character may draw a Circle that may contain any writing on the inside. Draw the sigil onto the item tag after casting this spell as well. Characters may only sigil items they have a tag for. Drawing the sigil on the tag requires 5 uninterrupted minutes. Sigils cannot be removed without destroying the item. Kopeks and Promissory notes cannot be sigiled
Sustenance (Self Only, Instant)
“I sustain myself with magical energy.”
Removes fatigue, and counts as the character becoming hydrated and having eaten a meal. (Staff will not bring food to players, but provides some for purchase in the tavern. Please make sure to stay hydrated and fed.)


At a time when the ancient world was at the height of its power, this magic was used for the well being of the masses. Eventually; however, the threat of Necromancy had the creations of Alchemy used for war instead of peace. This made it the most versatile school of magic, offering befits to anyone and everyone who could get access to it. Alchemy mimics the other schools of magic and bestows magical effects through a potion that anyone can drink. Magic so easily granted for anyone is a fantastic notion; although, the most important aspect of Alchemy is its Magic Potion. This potion is used as ink to craft Spell Scrolls and is also used by Created to function properly. This is why Alchemy was so closely guarded and retained throughout the ages. Traditional users of Alchemy were scholars, scientists, monks, medicine men, priests, and even parents. Now, during the time of the Magical Renaissance, Alchemy is in demand more than it has been in years. Nobles are in love with Alchemy and find it difficult to keep themselves stocked due to their opulent lifestyles. The peasants also find the beneficial qualities of Alchemy a necessity. Due to these factors Alchemy is in too great of demand and not enough supply, thus Merchants can't buy Alchemy without special and very prestigious trade contracts. Alchemists can easily turn spell points into kopeks, as long as they remember that their alchemy can be stolen.

A few notes about Alchemy:

  • Alchemy potions may only be crafted at Check-In and Reset.
  • Any Character may Identify and Drink a potion. Any use of a potion involves a count and the expenditure of the Potion Tag.
  • Various In-game Status Effects, such as Bleeding and Poison, may keep characters from drinking potions.
  • The use of a Gas or Coating is spontaneous and requires a character must have a Potion Tag as well as knowing the associated Alchemy Spell Advantage. Then the character may start a Mixing or Coating Count and upon completion may deliver the corresponding effect at a cost of the Potion and and additional 1 Spell Point or Amber Potion.

Delivery Type

  • Potions “Drinking 1, drinking 2, drinking 3”
  • Coatings “Coating 1, coating 2, coating 3”
  • Gases “Mixing 1, mixing 2, mixing 3”
  • Feed Others “Feeding 1, feeding 2, feeding 3”
  • Potion – Upon completion of a Drinking Count, say the verbal associated with each Potion below and take the effect accordingly.
  • Feeding – Use on another willing or incapacitated character. Upon Completion of the Feeding Count, say the associated Potion Verbal and the target takes that effect accordingly.
  • Coating – Hold an item or weapon for the entire count of the verbal. Upon completion of the verbal, the effected weapon may deliver the associated Tag-line on the next attack with that weapon. A coating is expended when an attack with it makes contact with something. If the character Dodges, the coating is not expended.
  • Gas – Upon Completion of a Mixing Count, say the verbal associated with each Gas below and deliver the packet.

Novice Alchemy

Liquid Amber (Special)
Potion – Characters can not Drink this potion. It may be used as a spell point for creating a Coating or a Gas

  • Healing (Instant, Healing)
    • Potion – “5 Heal”
    • Coating –
    • Gas – “5 Heal Gas”
  • Suspend Metabolism (Instant)
    • Potion – “Suspend Metabolism” (+5 minutes to bleeding and ailment counts.)
    • Coating –
    • Gas – “Suspend Metabolism Gas”
  • Magic (Enchantment)
    • Potion – “Scribe Scroll” (See Grey Magic)
    • Coating – “+5 Magic” to next physical attack of coated weapon
    • Gas – “5 Magic Gas”

Adept Alchemy

  • Mend (Instant)
    • Potion – “15 Heal” for created with Upgrade Body 2.
    • Coating – “Mend” Restore a Shattered item
    • Gas – “Mend Gas” A mend coating or gas will restore a shattered item.
  • Alchemist Fire
    • Potion – “15 Fire”
    • Coating – “+15 fire” to next physical attack of coated weapon
    • Gas – “15 Fire”
  • Glue (Enchantment)
    • Potion – “Silence”
    • Coating – (Enchantment) glue two touching things together; requires +4 strength to break; if coating a held item, grants +4 against disarm.
    • Gas – “Slow Gas”
  • Sleep (Active/Ailment)
    • Potion – “Sleep”
    • Coating – “Sleep”
    • Gas – “Sleep Gas”

Journeyman Alchemy

  • Charm (Enchantment)
    • Potion – “Charm”
    • Coating –
    • Gas –“Charm Gas”
  • Poison (Ailment, Active)
    • Potion – “Poison”
    • Coating – “Poison”
    • Gas – “Poison Gas”
  • Remove Ailment (Instant)
    • Potion – Upon creation, specify a specific ailment. “Remove [Ailment]”
    • Coating –
    • Gas – Upon creation, specify a specific ailment. “Remove [Ailment] gas”
  • Strength (Enchantment)
    • Potion – “Plus 2 Strength”
    • Coating –
    • Gas – “Plus 2 Strength gas


For many ages, Binding magic was practically extinct as a school of thought and practice. Those fortunate enough to have the knowledge secretly guarded it. Many Sprite Zhana were hunted for their knowledge; however, most Zhana would rather die then give up their freedom or do anything to compromise their kin.

A century ago a group of archaeologists discovered a Solominari Fortress under an ancient ruined city. It was filled with a seemingly endless maze of magical barriers and wards still persistent since the time of The Cataclysm. After a decade, they rediscovered the lost art of Binding Magic. Instead of hoarding this information for themselves as had been done for the last 2 thousand years; they established the Academy of Binding Magic and the Royal Society of Archeologists in Sargon city. This event greatly helped Binding Magic spread across Mordavia. However, many binders are reclusive and stay behind the safety of their wards, and are also usually selective about who they take on as students. Due to these factors, among others, they are still one of the most unpopular and unfamiliar of the magic types. Binding is a personal magic that focusing on mastering one’s mind and body in order to make the immediate world around you bend to your will. Binding offers the advantage of casting strong personal defenses, powerful wards, and magical binds that restrain their enemy. Binders tend to come and go as they please and are unlikely to boast their capabilities.

Novice Binding (“By my word..”)

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Bind Footsteps (Active, Enchantment) “Bind Footsteps +2” The target is effected by the Bind Footsteps status effect. This effect requires +2 strength to Break.
Soul Bind (Greater Enduring, Self Only) “Soul Bind this (Item)” Cast while holding an Item. The Caster and the item become Soul Bound. Soul Bound are immune to disarm and stays with the Caster during Resurrection; The effect ends if the item is willingly dropped, left, or given up. Soul Bind 1 Item at a time.
Magic Enchantment (Enchantment, Self Only) “Magic Enchantment” Gain +2 magic with physical attacks.
Slow Attack (Enchantment) “Slow Attack” The next physical attack the caster makes has the slow tagline. This attack follows the same rules as coatings in terms of expenditure.

Adept Binding “...I conjure power...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Ward Ailment (Persistent Enchantment, Self Only) “Ward Ailment” “Resist” an Ailment.
Bind Magic Sight (Enchantment, Self Only, requires Phys. Rep.) “Bind Magic Sight” While looking through a Lens (goggles may be used) gain the ability to make a “Detect Enchantment” 5 count on a Willing or Incapacitated character or an Item. If successful, the target must reveal all active enchantments effects to the caster.
Spirit Shift (Enchantment, Self Only) “Spirit Shift” Become Incorporeal (see Status effects). If already Incorporeal, Dispel any Incorporeal effects on the character.
Meek Barrier (Barrier) “Meek Barrier” Characters with +4 Strength or more can pass. (See Items, Phys-reps, and Barriers)

Journeyman Binding “...with Binding Magic...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Ward Magic (Persistent Enchantment, Self Only) “Ward Magic” “Resist” a Non-Physical attack.
Taboo Barrier (Barrier) “Taboo Barrier” A chosen Race (Human and Gypsy count as the same race), Item Type (Weapons, Shields, Armor, Jewelry, Spell Scrolls or Alchemy Potions, or specific named Characters can not pass the Barrier (See Items, Phys-Reps, and Barriers)
Ward Weapon -(Enchantment, Self Only) “Ward Weapon Greater” “Resist” a Physical Attack of any type, unless it has the Pierce attack modifier.
Bind Arms (Active Enchantment, Binding) “Bind Arms +6” The target of this spell is effected by the Bind Arms status effect. This spell requires +6 strength to break.


Deep within the long lost places of Mordavia, one will eventually find an endless darkness know as the Abyss. The most numerous and powerful of all Abyssal creatures are the Demons, the first children of Black Magic. They used ans mastered this magic to enslave entire species, strengthen their greatest champions, and tear apart Noble houses from the inside out. Abyssal Demons exemplify the tenants of Black Magic and eventually taught this knowledge to their slaves. The tenant was simple: That oneself comes first. To sustain oneself in this position; A Hierarchy must be maintained through submission and domination. Even after many ages; that Black Magic operates by these same principles, whether in individuals, organizations, or communities. Because of this, power centers of Black Magic influence are often home to the strong, tough, and resilient. Regardless of profession or walk of life; from gladiators and thugs, to politicians and town guard; Black Magicians always find themselves trying to obtain personal power, or more importantly, control. Many Black Magicians see the world as a constant test of strength which requires a strong will to survive. Those who pass are rewarded; however, only the weakest that fail are left to wither and die. The rest of become enslaved to the victors; for it is hard to build an empire on the backs of the dead.

Black Magicians are offered the advantage of empowering themselves while weakening and debilitating others. This ultimately offers the subjugation of your enemy’s body and will. Time, a proper scheme, and the right black spell will allow for the subjegation of anyone. A Black Magician must remember that this magic is about control of oneself and other. Black Magic makes promises of power yet no pity for the weak and the meek alike.

Novice Black “By word of the Abyss...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Dark Sigil (Persistent Enchantment) “Dark Sigil” Upon completion of the spell verbal the Caster must also inscribe a Black personal Sigil on the forehead of another Willing or Incapacitated Character. The effected character is now Charmed to the Caster. The Sigil can be anything surrounded by a small circle.
Abyssal Vitality (Enchantment, Self Only) “Abyssal Vitality” Grants +10 Temporary Health Points
Fatigue (Active, Ailment) “Fatigue -2” Target is effected by the Fatigue ailment status effect, -2 strength and cannot run
Disarm (Instant) “Disarm your [Right or Left] Hand +2” Disarms target of any item in their hand. A character with + 2 Strength or more is immune to this spell.

Adept Black “...I command power...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Infernal Strength (Enchantment, Self Only) “Infernal Strength” Grants +2 Strength.
Cower (Active Enchantment) “Cower” The target is effected with the Cower status effect. The target of a cower is in such fear of the caster that they can not look or take offensive action against the caster. If the caster attacks the target, it breaks the enchantment.
Slow (Enchantment) “Slow” The target is effected with the status effect Slow. (may not run or use “Dodges”)
Abyssal Barrier (Barrier) “Abyssal Barrier” The caster creates a Barrier than cannot be passed without +4 Strength. (See Items, Phys-Reps, and Barriers)

Journey Black “...with Black magic...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Debilitate (Instant, Damage) “25 Fatigue” Deliver a “25 Fatigue” non-physical attack The target takes 25 non-physical damage, and if effected they also become Fatigued.
Dispel Enchantments (Instant) “Dispel Enchantments” Dispels all Enchantments on a target.
Cripple (Active, Ailment) “Cripple your (Limb)” The target suffers from the cripple ailment as described in the Status Effect. (they may not use the specified limb)
Spell Penetration (Persistent Enchantment, Self Only) “Spell Penetration” The next spell your character casts will will include the Pierce attack modifier.


It is believed that everything from the growth of a tree to the blowing of the wind is a product of Nature Magic. Casters of this magic begin to understand the cycles of life, death, and the raw elements of earth, water, fire and air. Often times characters focus on only a few aspects of Nature; seeking out what calls to them or benefits them the most. Although, others have been known to explore the cycles of Nature in an attempt to gain balance.

Some see this magic as pragmatic. It is commonly used to assist in the daily work and adventures of types like farmers, druids, trackers, and any others who see the practicality of this magic. Nature magic is also extremely versatile and a force that should not be taken lightly. Amazing feats can be accomplished with this magic; such as using bare hands to battle a fierce half-orc, incinerate a squad of soldiers, heal fallen comrades, and blast an earth attuned nature caster away – all in the same fight.

Many, especially in large cities benefit greatly from the mundane use of Nature magic. However, they do not get to see it used in this way and usually get their opinions of Nature magic from the brutal gladiator arenas. Due to this, Nature caster are often misunderstood and often feared for its proximity to Necromancy. Another common reason people may deem Nature Magic untrustworthy is because it is the school of Magic that Gypsies are attuned to. Ultimately, Nature will always be dependent, yet at odds with itself. In an ever flowing cycle, Nature Magic is best suited for dealing with the harsh forces of Nature.

Elemental Tag-lines

  • “Fire” damage deals double to air attuned characters. Fire attuned creature are immune to fire Tag-lines.
  • “Sonic” damage deals double to earth attuned characters. Air attuned creature are immune to air Tag-lines.
  • “Massive” damage deals double to water attuned characters and bypasses shields and weapons. Earth attuned characters may block massive and physical attacks with unarmed/claws.
  • “Water” damage deals double damage to fire attuned characters. Water attuned creature are immune to water Tag-lines.

Novice Nature “By word of the forest...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Elemental Attunement (Persistent, Self) “[Element] Attunement” Gain Immunity to elemental Tag-lines of your type but you take double from the opposing type; Add 5 when delivering a Conjure Element Spell of your attuned type; Characters who have claws add an elemental Tag-line based off the attuned element (except earth attunement). Earth attuned casters may block physical attacks and the “massive” tag-line with Bestial claws.
Conjure Element (Instant, Damage) “[5 or 10 based on Attunement] [Element]” Deliver a “# [Element]” packet. Characters with claws may add the conjured elemental damage and Tag-line to their claw physical attacks. Conjure earth delivers “Massive #” or “Massive # Damage”
Bestial Claws (Enchantment, Self Only) “Bestial Claws” Conjures elemental claws that add +2 damage to unarmed attacks. Special: If Earth Attuned Gain +4 Damage.
Elemental Resistance (Persistent) “Elemental Resistance” “Resist” any non-physical attack with an elemental Tag-line.

Adept Nature “...I call upon power...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Entangle (Active, Bind) “Entangle +4” The target of this spell suffers from the entangle bind as described in the “Status Effects”.
Wood Wall (Barrier) “Wood Wall” Creates a wall with 40 HP and 4 toughness which takes double damage from fire. Takes double from sources of Fire. (See Items, Phys-reps, and Barriers). The spell can be cast several times to add the effects of the wall.
Tree Meld (Enchantment) “Spirit Shift” If Caster is touching a tree at least half their height become Incorporeal; or corporeal if the caster already Tree Melded.
Life Cycle (Instant, Healing/Damage) “Life Cycle 15 Heal” The caster may heal another living character 15 HP and lose 5 HP. Special: If water attuned, don't lose any HP.

Journeyman Nature “...with Nature magic...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Remove Ailment (Instant) “Remove [Ailment]” The target of the spell no longer suffers from ailment status effects.
Shatter (Instant) “Shatter your [Weapon or Armor]” Shatter target item or armor.
Elemental Enchantment (Enchantment, Self Only) “Elemental Enchantment” All physical attacks with this enchantment add +3 elemental damage of your attunement. Earth does not add a Tag-line but allows the character to block massive with weapons and shields. Special: If Fire attuned adds lethal to all physical attacks.
Swiftness (Persistent Enchantment) “Swiftness” Swiftness enchanted characters gain one use of “Dodge”


It is said that Heros, the vile god, taught Necromancy to a group of Solomonari. These necromancers used the dark gift to control life through death, and seemed to reach a state of immortality at the expense of the lives of others. Necromancy was then used by the Solomonari to its ultimate and truest potential, which destroyed the vast majority of the world in an event known as The Cataclysm.

The Kings Law mandates that Necromancy is completely illegal throughout the Kingdom of Mordavia, and also that anyone found using Necromancy magic is subject to immediate execution without arrest or trial. The belief against necromancy is so strong that entire religions have been based around its destruction. Even speaking openly of Necromancy in the wrong context can be viewed suspiciously, and could be a dangerous undertaking. Necromancers must, at all costs, practice in secret for fear of being revealed. Necromancers rely on deception and so should not be trusted. It is recommended by many that all suspicious activity regarding necromancy should be reported to to the proper authorities. Necromancy is most difficult of all the schools of magic to master, but it offers the advantage of sustaining oneself by consuming the life and energy of others. This magic is considered the foe of the living and an ally of the undead. It inflicts and controls death for the benefit of the caster and for the misfortune of the victims. Necromancy offers the caster a great deal of benefit, but for the cost of... everything.

*If a spell shares the same effect of a necromancy spell, necromancers can use either spell verbal.

Novice Necromancy “By the word of Heros...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Exsanguinate (Instant) “Exsanguinate” This spell immediately brings a bleeding target to “dissipating” status. The Caster restores 5 Health.
Fatigue (Active, Ailment) “Fatigue -2” Target suffers the fatigue effect, cannot run, -2 strength.
Inflict (Instant, Damage) “5 Vile” Deliver a “5 Vile” non-physical attack Living Characters take double from Vile.
Speak with Corpse (Enchantment) “Speak with Corpse” Cast upon someone with ‘dissipating’ status or permanently dead. The target may speak.
Bestial Claws (Enchantment, Self Only) “Bestial Claws” Conjures claws that add +2 damage to Unarmed attacks. Special: If Earth Attuned Gain +4 Damage.

Adept Necromancy “...I consume power...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Absorb Ailment (Persistent Enchantment) “Absorb Ailment” The target may “Absorb” an Ailment Tag-line; negate the effect and gain 10hp.
Raise Corpse (Enchantment) “Raise Corpse” Cast on a Dissipating character to raise them as an Undead as per the Raise Corpse Status Effect.
Death Knell (Instant) “Death Knell Corpse” This spell reduces the target’s dissipation count to 0. Can only affect dissipating characters. The caster may collect the targets Soul Tag and store it with an appropriate item or ability.
Empower Undead (Enchantment, Undead) “+2 Strength +2 Toughness” Grant an undead +2 strength and +2 toughness.
Fog of Death (Enchantment) “Fog of Death” If the target resurrects with this enchantment still active, the memories of the previous hour are completely forgotten. Once this occurs, the loss is permanent.

Journeyman Necromancy “...with Necromancy”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Embrace Death (Persistent Enchantment, Self only) “Embrace Death” If your dissipation count reaches 0, say “Embrace Death” and return to 1 HP
Poison (Ailment, Active) “Poison” The target is affected by the Poison.
Shatter (Instant) “Shatter your [Item, Armor]” Shatter target item, armor, weapon, or shield. Shattered items can not be used until Repaired.
Drain Life (Instant) “25 Drain” The target of this spell takes 25 drain damage and the caster heals 25.
Silence (Enchantment) “Silence” The target is effected by the Silence Status effect. They can't speak or cast spell verbals.


Elven legend claims life came before death. That at the beginning of time; Gebelisis, the holy god of creation, bestowed upon the elves the gift of life, known as White Magic. However, because of the Elven feud with the Demon race, White Magic was used to help wage endless war against the Demons.

Eventually the Elves, with the help of the Human Solomonari, used White magic to its ultimate potential by eliminate death from injury, illness, disease, and old age. It was good for a time. During the Age of the Mist, the sudden emergence of Necromancy brought death and destruction across the world. White Magic proved strong against Necromancy and was further developed to combat its new enemy. It was the White Solominari that lead the fight against their vile Necromantic brethren. Their valor and leadership saved the world from complete destruction, saving the world of Mordavia that exists today. Again, during the year of 666, it was The Order that was the final defense against the dark Necromantic Lord Maravis. using ancient White Magic, they destroyed the Vampire lord with just a single spell. Since then The Order along with the Elves have kept the practice of White Magic common through the lands, always the first and last line of defense against the forces of Necromancy.

White Mages are offered the advantage of healing anda variety of enchantments which make it suitable for combat, especially against the Undead. As a whole, White Magic is seen as a great tool by all organizations and citizens in Mordavia. Anyone who practices White Magic is usually seen with renown and respect. Many white mages take it upon themselves to be responsible for the citizens of Mordavia. Others find themselves on the frontlines of battle as healers or Knights. Those who choose to practice White Magic have chosen to be the stewards of their allies and the bane of their enemies.

Novice White “By the word of Geb...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Restore Vitality (Instant, Healing) “10 Heal” Target heals for 10hp
Speak with Corpse (Enchantment) “Speak with Corpse” Cast upon someone with ‘dissipating’ status or permanently dead. The target may speak.
Smite (Instant, Damage) “5 Holy” Deliver a “5 Holy” non-physical attack Undead Characters take double from Holy.
Pulse of Vitality(Persistent Enchantment) “Pulse of Vitality” When a Character's bleed count naturally reduces to 0, known as Bleeding Out, instead of going to Dissipation say “10 Heal”

Adept White “...I create power...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Remove Ailment (Instant) “Remove [Ailment]” This spell removes any one “ailment” of the casters choice from the target.
Radiant Arms (Enchantment)- “Radiant Arms” The enchanted target gains +1 Holy to physical attacks;
Radiant Veil (Barrier) “Radiant Veil” Conjure a White or Golden Veil that can not be passed by Undead or anything with Affinity to Black Magic. (See Items, Phys-reps, and Barriers)
Consecrate (Instant) “Consecrate Corpse” Cast on a Dissipating character. This Dispels the target of any enchantments. Consecrate will resurrect a dissipating vampire.

Journeyman White “...with White Magic...”

Spell NameVerbalEffect
Sleep (Active, Ailment) “Sleep” The target of this spell suffers from the sleep ailment as described in the “Status Effects” section
Life Surge (Persistent Enchantment) “Life Surge” “Resist” any one effect that would bring the character to dissipation. If brought to dissipation from Bleeding status say “resist 1 Heal”. Cannot resist a completed 5 Death Blow Count.
Invigorate (Persistent Enchantment) “Invigorate” The target of the spell gains +30 temporary HP
Revive Dead (Instant) “Life Corpse” Dissipating Characters effected by “Revive” return to Living Status with 1hp. This spell only effects dissipating characters

Combat Advantages

Combat Advantages are the best way to excel in battle in Mordavia. Advantages on this list make a character physically better at combat through the character's natural training. Some combat advantages give characters passive bonuses such as Expertise, Backstab, and Specialization. Combat also gives characters special activated advantages to allow them to use special maneuvers.

Purchasing Combat Advantages

  • Combat Advantages may be purchased at character creation using the remaining 2 AP given to new characters.
  • Most combat advantages are purchased only once per tier, but “Backstab” and “Specialization” may be purchased three times. Combat Advantage Progression
  • Once a character has gained 4 Advantages in the Combat Advantage list and they meet the Character Tier requirement, they may purchase into the next Tier of Combat Advantages. Using Combat In-Game and The Maneuver System
  • Most Combat advantages grant a static ability; some abilities are called “Maneuvers” which are physical attacks.
  • Combat characters use these special moves and techniques with points granted per-day representing their physical limits.
  • These points are called Maneuver Points (MP). Characters gain 1 MP per day each time they purchase a Combat Advantage.
  • Maneuvers can be used by spending an MP per tier of the advantage. Rip a single MP from the MP tag to show its use.
  • Strikes cannot be combined with any other Strike Maneuvers or abilities that grant Attack Modifiers.

Novice Tier Description

+1 Maneuver Point
Backstab (3)
+2 physical damage when delivering a strike from behind the targets shoulder line; +1 to Waylay Strike
Specialization (3)
+1 with a one-handed weapon style ; or +1 damage with unarmed ;or +2 damage with a two-handed style
Power Strike*
Maneuver – Spend a Maneuver Point and say “Power Strike” to add +10 damage to a physical attack
Execution Strike*
Maneuver – Say “Strike Coup De Grace” and then include any weapon tag-lines. This attack brings a bleeding or incapacitated Character immediately to dissipation.
Waylay Strike
Maneuver – Strike a character in there upper back with the pommel of a weapon and say “ Strike # Knock-out Damage”; the # is equal to 1 + the character’s Strength + the character’s number of backstab advantages; Waylay Strike must be delivered from behind the targets shoulder line; Toughness wins ties; A Character with Armor only applies toughness if they are wearing a Helmet
Maneuver – Extend this character's bleeding count by 1 minute

Adept Tier

Expertise 2
+2 Maneuver Points
Backstab (3)
Additional +2 physical damage when striking someone in the back with a weapon and +1 to waylay strike
Specialization (3)
Gain +1 with a one-handed weapon style ; or +1 damage with unarmed ; or +2 damage with a two-handed style
+1 Strength
Disarm Weapon Strike*
Maneuver – say “Strike Disarm (1 + the Characters Strength)”; the strike must hit the target weapon to take effect, the character being disarmed must have an amount of strength equal to or greater than the amount stated in the verbal. The target must drop their weapon for 3 full seconds if the Disarm attempt succeeds
Maneuver – Say “Parry” in response to being hit by a normal weapon strike. To Parry; a character must be holding a weapon and the attack must be from the front or sides of the character, and not behind them. (normal attacks don't have any attack modifiers, such as Innate, Pierce, Massive, Disarm, or any of the Strike Maneuvers.
Cripple Strike*
Maneuver – Say “Strike” and immediately make a physical attack that adds +20 damage and the “Cripple” Tagline. Any limb of a target that is struck is considered “Crippled” as per the ailment (see The Rules of Play: Status Effects)

Journeyman Tier

Expertise 3
+3 Maneuver Points
Backstab (3)
Additional +2 physical damage when striking someone in the back with a weapon and +1 to waylay strike
Specialization (3)
Gain +1 with a one-handed weapon style ; or +1 damage with unarmed ; or +2 damage with a two-handed style
Modified Strike*
Maneuver – Say “Strike” and then add the “Massive” Tag-line to any weapon used in Two-Hands; or add “Innate” to a Weapon used in One-Hand; or add “Pierce” to an Unarmed attack.
Maneuver – This character has the ability to negate a weapon strike or spell that would otherwise effect this character by saying: “Dodge”; Characters cannot use Dodge on attack which is proceeded by the “Innate” Tag-line, or hits them in the back
Shatter Strike*
Maneuver – Say “Strike Shatter Strike” Any weapon hit by the character's weapon is considered Shattered (see Universal Advantages: Production Advantages and The Rules of Play: Using Verbals with Tag-lines)
Lethal Strike*
Maneuver – Say “Strike” and immediately add the 'lethal' Tag-line to a weapon strike and an additional 30 damage; If the damage from this weapon strike would bring a character to 0 HP said character is instantly brought to dissipation

(3) Designates that it may be purchased three times.