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Updating and the Interlude

Character Checkout-Out

Character checkout is an essential process that must be completed at the end of each episode. Checkout includes submitting a Character Update, Interlude Actions, and a Character Journal Entry.Players currently have two options for checkout:

  1. By filling out and turning in a Checkout Form provided in the Tavern at the end of the episode.
  2. Submit an email to in the proper format by one week after the episode.

The following steps must be taken while checking out

  1. Include your real player name and character name.
  2. Declare what Advantages will be purchased with any available Advantage Points.
  3. Guild members, Retainers, and Nobility must submit extra information as described below.
  4. List Interlude Actions in order of how you wish to use them.
  5. Turn in any relevant tags that may be required to complete actions such as Universal Advantages.
  6. Turn in your Characters Soul Tag. Gain a Survival advantage for not dying.
  7. Include a character Journal Entry.

Character Updates

Characters progress as they experience and survive the game world. One way this progress is recorded is through the earning and spending of Advantage Points. It is up to a player to submit character updates by the deadline or they will not have their update recorded until after the next episode. (Characters receive 1 AP for attending an episode and another if they avoided resurrection.)

The following characters must add additional information with their Update. Nobility can't be a member of a guild. Retainers can join a guild but only as a Guild Master.

Nobility- Write the names of all retainers Guild Members- May specify what Guild they are assisting with and what Universal skill they will be using.

Guild Masters- May specify what Guild they are in charge of, and what universal skill will be used by the guild.

The Interlude

The time between episodes is called The Interlude. During this time the game world still turns even for player characters. To quantify this time, character receive a base of 5 Interlude Actions or IAs. Actions during the interlude will produce certain results that will have to vary based on what the characters are attempting to accomplish. -Characters must turn in any resource or item tags required to use Universal Advantages or for other story purposes at Check-Out.

Using Universals During the Interlude

The most common use of Interlude Actions is with the use of Universal Advantages. When a player All universals advantages may be used simultaneously during any IA that is sued using Universals, with the exception of Nobility. -Some of these advantages require resources or certain tags to complete. These tags must be turned in at checkout in order to be used.

Other Actions During the Interlude

Characters may choose to use interlude actions that do not involve universal advantages. However, Universal Advantages may not be used at the same time as other actions. Other IA actions that can be taken:

  • Sending a message / letter to another character.
  • Travel to another location outside Frontier Town. Traveling takes a minimum of 2 IA, one traveling to and one from a location.
  • Certain organizations or characters may require you to use a number of IA per month for various reasons.
  • Cast rituals. This is an ability for a character of master and arch-master. For more information find out in play.
  • Anything else your character can think of. Storytellers try not to place limits on P.C.s unless what they want is physically or metaphysically impossible, with respect to the game world. Doing something like this will return random stuff.

Character Communication

Communication between characters is important but must be kept in-game. In-play conversations should be kept at the game, set up using IAs, or in the in-play tavern forum. Characters that leave the town during the IA may not use the in-play tavern.<p>

Character Journal Entry

<p>Each Player may submit 1 Character Journal Entry per Interlude. This entry can be written in any perspective but should be based on a players character. The entry should include experiences or thoughts that the character may have and should be limited to one page. This is used to help storytellers cater to characters by knowing that they are doing and thinking and will be added to a Player Journal.

Beyond the First Game

A players first episode is just the beginning! There are several options, perks, and rewards that become available to players after their first episode. The first thing players should remember is to preregister for the next episode.

Player Pre-Registration

Players who plan on attending an episode should preregister, which provides several benefits:

  • Receive an entry discount
  • Bed spaces are limited and are given on a first register first serve basis.
  • Allows staff to prepare better story for your character

To preregister; email Include your Player Name, Character Name, and any goals you may have for the episode/chapter. It should also be included if you want to sleep in a cabin or you can receive a $5 discount for choosing to tent camp.

Character Re-spend

New players may not know what what type of character they want to play or they may change their mind after getting more familiar with the game. To help with this, players get one free re-spend. This means that a player may wipe a character and give all their items and experience to the new character without penalty. Players only get one free resend and it must be used before a players 3rd episode.

Rules updates occur from time to time. Small rules updates and advantage changes will only allow characters who have their specific advantages effected will be offered the chance to “re-spend” or change those advantages on a case by case basis. Only in the rare event of a large scale rules update will a full re-spend be allowed to players.

Beyond Your First Character

Multiple Characters

Players may have multiple characters but can only play one character an episode. Each character must be a different race and an acceptably different costume so other players don't easily confuse a players multiple characters. (In the case of Gypsies and Humans you may only have one character that is either a Gypsy or Human but not both)

Retiring a Character

If a character accomplishes their goals and is given permission by Staff then they may retire their character. A retired character can not be played as a player character again but still has an active place in the game world. Staff and players may collaborate to have the retired character played again in the future but it is not mandatory. Retired characters also receive new character rewards. (listed below)

Permanent Death

A character is considered Permanently Dead if they resurrect and have no lives remaining. A character meeting their final resting place can bring a variety of strong emotions, but it should not be seen as something bad. Everyone dies, and this is another factor that should be used as motivation for characters to try and accomplish their goals.

New Characters

If a player wishes, they may stop playing their current character in between any game and create a new one. When a player creates a new character in this method without Retiring or experiencing Final Death then they do not receive New Character Rewards.

New Character Rewards

A character that suffers permanent death or is allowed to retire will be given several rewards:
-New characters made will receive bonus levels equal to the tier of the first character. That character will also get 1 interlude actions and 10 kopeks per level of the previous character. (For example; A level 11 elf accomplishes all of their character goals and retires the character with permission from staff. That players new character will receive +3 bonus starting level because the character is considered to be tier 3. The character will also start the game being able to use 11 interlude actions and will have 110 kopeks of gold and resources to spend on the new character.)
-Any character that retires, reaches permanent death, or is still around at the end the story, will have a chance of being recorded in a story book. This book will include Character Journals, pictures, and comments. It will be published at the end of the game for all participants to enjoy and for all the characters that helped make this game world to be immortalized.


If a player is absent for an episode, after the first game they begin attending, then they have an option to Back-pay. Back-pays are when a player pays the cost of an episode (in full) and is given 1 Advantage Point and 5 Universal IAs. Back-pays are only allowed once a chapter per player.